Design by BIGGA 2014
Building an effective work team of not only qualified, but yet of motivated specialists can not be accomplished without the assistance of a specialist who is experienced in recruitment and selection! The right choice is a guarantee for success. Accurately selected employees perform their tasks in time and according the standards and the managers save not only significant resources and time, but efforts. And exactly tose efforts they could focus and direct towards solving and overcoming the immediate business issues.

The successful business depends on trained and motivated employees! They are the most valuable assets of any company that ensure its competitive advantage. We organize trainings using situation modeling, role-playing and business games, group work and discussions. Our trainings are purposive, they are made exclusively for the particular company and they sure are adequately held. The individual training design increases employees' effectiveness, reveals their potential and improves in-group relations.

Management consulting activities help the business increase productivity and effectively utilize human capital in order to reach the organizational goals. We are going to help you develop a human resources management model to address the specific needs of the business in a manner that serves the interests of both the company and the employees in the most appropriate way. We are going to assist you in redesigning existing programs or restructuring and in establishing hiring or firing policies and procedures that comply with the legislation.

Either you want to investigate the employees' loyalty or find the future leaders in your company, we are going to support you in any research you are willing to perform in order to enhance the overall human resources management processes. Human Capital research allows precising strategic goals and optimal tactic activities needed to reach them. Our ultimate goal is to give the client a solid and fully efficient result because this is the only way our client would have reliable and trustworthy data concerning the actual shape the organisation is in and perspectives it is facing.

Because together we grow!