Design by BIGGA 2014
Best Career Angels are people who like working with other people, they communicate good, but they are good listeners as well. They possess good experience and know the market we all operate in well. But the best thing is that above all Career Angels have the ability to assist others in their development.

When we all are "inside" a particular situation often our feverish efforts to reveal the causes, to foresee the outcome or to find the solution seize all our attention thus we can not look at things clearly. The part of the Career Angels is to give another perspective. They give unostentatious advice. The focus of working together is on development cooperation because Career Angels are personal consultants as well. Career Angels are the change agents who will assist you in forming the circumstances of change and then they will give you advice and tools to make the move.

Career Angel is a BIGGA developed programme open for every professional no matter the level and no matter the business. It aims to assist them in their pofessional development, to give them advice and direction and to discuss over and reveal the development opportunities before the individual. With the help of a Career Angel employees are going to be motivated to manage personal change themselves, to better integrate and develop within the company and to increase their loyalty.

Career Angel is going to advise and guide employees by means of...:
- Sincere feedback concerning routine or development issues;
- Encouraging personal development and minimizing fears of taking career development decisions;
- Assistance in setting and rating of different coping strategies relevant to different working situations - varying from poor communication with peers and colleagues, to taking important decisions.

It is easy! All you need to do is to make a call or send an email in order to settle the time and way of discussing your daily routine, your interactions with your colleagues or the opportunities you have in your carrier development in the company you work in. This way you are going to learn not only how to understand other people but to face problems and solve them. More over - in a creative way!

Because together we grow!