Design by BIGGA 2014
Ref.No:    2104_PYA


If you have 3+ years of software development experience but also...
- Solid Python and Django knowledge;
- Familiarity with PostgreSQL, Elasticsearch, Django, HTTP, GNU/Linux;
- Familiarity with ways of crawling, extracting and processing data;

We would be very glad if you are familiar with any of these..:
- Scrapy;
- Django REST framework;
- RabbitMQ;
- Celery;
- Logstash;
- Docker;
- XML/Xpath;
- JS.

Job Responsibilities:
- Develop and enhance various types of data-intensive applications;
- Identify and resolve performance and scalability issues with distributed crawling at scale;
- Solve challenging data aggregation and transformation problems;
- Review, maintain and refactor existing code;
- Design, normalize and optimize relational databases;

Have we provoked your interest? Then just send us your CV to
...Because Together we grow!

Location:    The very heart of Sofia
Salary:        7K BGN (gross)