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BIGGA is a consulting company that provides co-operation in Human Capital Management and Development by offering individual solutions for Your business.

Either you want to recruit your next best performer, train and develop your current employees or hold a specific research to name your tomorrow's leaders - BIGGA is your reliable partner because together we grow!

- Human Capital Management experienced consultants;
- Teaching, Training and Personal Development professionals;
- Consulting and Organisational Development experienced team.

- We posess international know-how in Human Capital Management;
- We are experienced in setting new structures and restructuring existing ones;
- We are aware with the labor legislation;
- We focus on our partners' needs and they drive our actions;
- We work in compliance with the highest standards;
- We assist in implementing the best practices in your company;
- We aim at exceeding the expectations.

- Strategic partners in the right place at the right time who know what business expects and understand the employees' language;
- Experts in organisational design and restructuring;
- Assistants to your employees in improving their performance and enhancing their engagement in order to develop key talents;
- Change agents, who are going to help your employees enhance productivity and increase competitive advantage of your organisation;
- Administrative experts in Human Capital Management who understand clients' needs in order to assist them to grow together!